The department of civil Engineering has been in existence since the inception of Fx polytechnic college in 2006 and has grown into a full fledged department with specializations in all the major areas of civil Engineering. The department activities embrace planning,  estimating, designing, construction and management. The academic programmes of the civil Engineering department at Fx polytechnic  college  of Tamilnadu. All the faculty members have good experience in teaching with sufficient knowledge. We also train our students based on the expectations of the industry. Many of our alumni hold prestigious positions in leading academic institutions,  industry and government  in different countries all over the world. 


Provide the educational opportunities that prepare students to become professional constructors/managers of the construction process.

Provide service and outreach activities to the construction profession.


To develop highly competent professionals, preparing them for entry-level positions in civil engineering, further study in graduate school, life-long learning, and societal leadership.

Mrs. Chitra

Head of the Department

Our Department Events

S.NO               DATE                  EVENTS                               TOPIC

 1                     20.1.20                 Guest Lecture                         Duties & Responsibilities of site Engineer

 2                     21.1.20                 Association Event                   Spell bee hunt competition

 3                     24.1.20                 Training                                   Scheduling in ms office/ms project

 4                     28.1.20                 Training workshop                  Estimation of buildings

 5                     07.2.20                 Certification course                 Autocad approval planning

 6                     08.2.20                 Industrial visit                         India cements

 7                     14.2.20                 Project EXPO                         -

8                      24.2.20                 Certification course                 Autocad 3d elevation

Email : hod.civil@fxpoly.ac.in
Phone : 8012551444