We understand that children spend most of their useful part of the day at school. So we strive to make their environment a place which fosters creative thinking, learning and sharing. The classrooms and play environments are spacious and monitored with CCTV to ensure all our children are safe and secure in their school. To know more about our facilities and infrastructure click on the tabs below.


  1. The Library will be kept open from 9.00 am to 5.30 pm on all working days.
  2. Library books will be issued only for Grades 2 & above.
  3. A fine will be collected if books are not returned on time. The cost of the book will be collected if it is damaged or lost


This superb facility provides the School with a 900-seater, acoustically engineered auditorium. It has proved to be very popular for small conferences, drama and debating events, visiting speakers and meetings.


We remain plentifully pleased with hundreds of parents to have trusted our school as the best Residential School in virudhachalam. We care for our children to such an extent that we treat them like our own. We make sure:



The Wellness Centre is fully equipped with multiple beds, a full-time residential doctor, a full-time residential nurse and other medical support. For the school’s Part, the overall approach to wellness is the counselling service for the boys and girls provided by school Wellness counsellors who teach the life skills curriculum programme.

Labs and Facilities



“Healthy food makes a healthy mind and body” Food is an important part of feeling comfortable away from home. Our Jayapriya Dining Hall, more popularly known as “the JDH”, is a modern, spacious and airy building. It provides the boys, girls and staff with the three main meals of the day, as well as break snacks in the morning and afternoon. Food provided by Jayapriya.


The School transport service will be available for those who would like to avail of it, subject to its route being programmed by school authorities. The bus fee has to be paid in 3 terms.

  1. School bus drop and pickup points are to be noted by the parents.
  2. If there is a change of residence, parents should give it in writing in advance and check on the nearest pickup point of the school bus.
  3. Bus fees will not be refunded under any circumstance.
  4. If the child availing school bus needs to be picked up from the school by the parent or a nominated responsible adult a note should be sent in writing and telephone instructions will not be entertained.
  5. Parents are to note down the mobile numbers of the school bus drivers.
  1. Bus safety depends upon parent's as well as student's cooperation with the driver, conductor and nanny. It is impossible for the driver to concentrate on driving when the students misbehave inside of the bus.
  2. Parents are advised not to bring their other children to the stopping place.
  3. Inside the bus seating arrangements for the students should be done reasonably by the authorities and should not be violated.
  4. In the mid of travelling the students, should not get down from the bus for any reason.
  5. Pickup and drop stages or stops are to be finalized and justified by the authorities by considering all factors like safety measurements, driving possibilities, traffic difficulties and other hurdles like blocking by private vehicles, damaged roads, narrow lanes, and encroachment by materials.
  6. For the secured safety measurements parents or guardians are requested to reach the stopping well before pick up and drop off.