Extra Curriculum

Extracurricular Activities

A number of extracurricular activities are planned for the students within school hours. A list will be sent to the parents in the last week of April.. Activity once chosen cannot be changed. The same activity will be continued for a year. The activities are conducted during school hours.

Timing for extracurricular activities

  • Junior school – grade 1 to 5 – Wednesday & Friday 10.55 am to 02.15 pm
  • Senior school – grade 6 to 8 – Wednesday & Friday 02.15 pm to 03.35 pm

Co-Curricular Activities

Co-curricular activities are designed to stimulate the interest of the Students and provide opportunities for self-expression thereby ensuring a balanced and integrated personality. Various clubs viz., Literary Club, ECO Club, Heritage Club, Science Club, Maths Club, Gardener Club & Hindi Club.

Field trips

Students will be taken on Field trips to various places of educational value.

Home Work

Homework is a very important part of the education process. It encourages children to study outside the school, helping them towards a point where they take responsibility for their own learning. It involves parents in their child’s education and, as much research indicates, this is as important to a child’s success at school. It allows children to practice the work taught in class. It develops skills in using the library and other learning sources. The board discourages giving Homework for classes I & II.

Reading daily lessons, learning new vocabulary and handwriting practice should happen every day.

House System

Students are divided into IV groups viz.,

  • Sivaji
  • Ashoka
  • Tipu Sultan
  • Rani Lakshmi Bai

for all Sports and Cultural activities. Change of house is not permitted.