Digital Learning

JPV Digital Learning Platform


           Jayapriya Vidyalaya Senior Secondary School is a school that believes in the power of digital learning. We are passionate about providing our students with an education experience that takes advantage of all the latest technologies, enabling them to learn at their own pace and grow as confident learners. Our curriculum focuses on an individualized approach combining both traditional offline methods and innovative digital resources for maximum exposure and engagement with information. Through hands-on activities, interactive simulations, projects, videos and more; students explore core concepts across multiple disciplines while developing skills such as problem solving, critical thinking and creative expression. At Jayapriya Vidyalaya Senior Secondary School you can be sure your child will receive a quality education using cutting edge technology!

“Technology will not replace great teachers but technology in the hands of great teachers can be transformational."- George Couros

 Jayapriya Vidyalaya Senior Secondary School is a digital learning platform for students. It enables them to receive an education through online activities and resources that are specifically designed for their grade level. The platform is organized into different categories, with each one focusing on specific topics such as science, math, language arts, social studies, and more. Teachers can also assign tasks and exams via the system so that students can apply what they have learned in real-life scenarios. In this way, Jayapriya Vidyalaya Senior Secondary School CBSE makes traditional classroom learning more efficient by using technology to help enhance student engagement while still ensuring they learn the essential skills required at every stage of their educational journey!  

 Jayapriya Vidyalaya Senior Secondary School is a digital learning hub for students. It offers a comprehensive curriculum with the following headings:

• Mathematics

• Science and Technology

• English Language Arts (ELA)

• Social Studies

• Physical Education, Health and Nutrition

Each subject provides engaging lessons in an interactive format to ensure each student’s overall development. In addition, teachers can also customize their content delivery based on individual student needs or preferences. The school also has dedicated counsellors who are available for counselling services if needed.

Jayapriya Vidyalaya Senior Secondary School is a digital learning platform that helps students reach their academic goals. The platform is organized into key sections including:

1) Courses: offering both pre-recorded and live classes on various topics related to the student's education, with options for self assessment activities.

2) Assignments: providing guidance on upcoming assignments, helping students plan out which tasks need to be completed first and aiding in keeping track of progress over time.

3) Activities: encouraging collaborative work between peers, developing problem solving skills through interactive games or puzzles; and providing regular quizzes for feedback about level of understanding.

4) Reports – containing graphs regarding overall performance across all subjects studied, allowing parents, guardians, & teachers to keep track of areas where further attention may be necessary. is a digital learning platform that helps students reach their academic goals.