Electronics & Communication Engineering


The Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering was started in the year 2006 with an objective to develop professionals through quality education. The Department offers Diploma programme in Electronics and Communication Engineering with a vision to create a center of excellence for imparting technical expertise of the highest order and to provide career focused programme to produce globally competent professionals. The department creates engineers who lend their knowledge and expertise to work at the forefront of the communications industry, developing technologies for mobile, wireless and high-speed communication.

The excellent infrastructure with well-equipped laboratories on Analog and digital circuits, VLSI design, Embedded systems, Microprocessor & Microcontroller,Advanced Communication Systems provides students top class learning through software platforms such as Xilinx, Multisim , PCB Design , PSPICE, MATLAB and hardware platforms such as Xilinx Altera FPGA’s, Embedded developer boards, ARM processors8051 controller to complement the state of art infrastructure, the department has competent and highly qualified faculty who possess both teaching and industrial experience.



The department excels to develop high quality, technically complaint, confident in the Electronics and communication engineering field with research focus and socially responsible engineers.


Establish a unique teaching –learning process to provide in depth knowledge of principles and its applications to enable the students to face the challenges of the ECE field.

Enable students  to develop skill to solve complex technological problems through innovative and group work exercise which enhances the entreprences skill, employability ad multidisciplinary activities.

Mr Solomon Deva Doss

Head of the Department

Our Department Events:

S.NO        DATE             EVENTS                             TOPIC

 1              17.12.19          Seminar                                Programming In MAT Lab

 2             24.1.20            Guest Lecture                        Methods of Accident Prevention in Biomedical Electrical Equipment

 3             27.1.20            Association Event                 JAM 

 4             28.1.20            Guest Lecture                       IC Fabrications in Linear Integrated Circuits

 5             30.1.20            Industrial Visit                      Thermal Power Plant Tuticorin

 6             07.2.20            Association Event                 Tricky Circuit

 7             26.2.20            Association Event                 Electronics Cross Word

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Phone : 8012551447