Electrical and Electronics Engineering


The Electrical and Electronics Engineering department of FX Polytechnic College has its humble beginning in June 2006 with an intake of 60 students as First batch. The department has well qualified and dedicated faculty members with on hand field and academic experience. The department has grown during the year to cater the need of modern industry and requirement of syllabus / scheme prescribed by the Director of Technical Education Tamil Nadu. Here in depth theoretical and practical knowledge is imparted to the students. Specialization in control of Electrical Machines and Power Electronics are done as a part of Elective Theory subjects.

 The department provides excellent opportunity to students in project work, in house preparation of technical papers for seminar / symposium etc. EEE forms the basis of all other fields .Here we will come to know the construction and working of all electrical equipments and thus all about electricity. Thus Diploma holders (EEE) can be employed in TNEB’s, generating stations, electrical based industries as well as in software companies.



To Enable easy accessibility of qualitative education to the sudent community and ensure a place among the country as a distinct possibility.


To provide quality education in the domain of electrical and electronics engineering. 

To achieve excellence in technical education through effective teaching learning process and best infrastructure.

Mr Senthil Kumar

Head of the Department

 Our Department Events

  S.NO   DATE             EVENTS                             TOPIC

 1         17.12.19          Association Event                  Quiz program & Circuit Debugging                                 

 2         24.1.20            Guest Lecture                       Emerging Technology in Embedded systems & Wireless Communication

 3         27.2.20            Association Event                  Paper Presentation

Email : hod.eee@fxpoly.ac.in
Phone : 8012551471