Production Engineering is a combination of manufacturing technology, engineering sciences with management science. A production engineer typically has a wide knowledge of engineering practices and is aware of the management challenges related to production.


The Department of Production Engineering visualizes to ease human life by the way of  designing integrated systems and high end techniques in the areas of Industrial, Production and Manufacturing Technology  through   effective teaching learning processes at the post  graduate and undergraduate level and inculcate the  research acumen among the students.


To impart world class knowledge in the areas of Industrial, Production and Manufacturing  Technology by stimulating research and innovation. To make the students productive,  flexible and customer oriented so that  they can apply Engineering skills to design effective  systems and procedures in order to make our country competitive.

Mr Hari Hara Suthan

Head of the Department

Our Department Events

        S.NO          EVENTS         TOPICS

1          10.01.20      Guest Lecture                  

2          22.01.20      Industrial Visit                 

3          23.01.20      Guest Lecture                  

4          25.01.20      Association Event           

5          04.02.20      Industrial Visit                

6          05.02.20      Association Event           

7          27.02.20      Association Event           

Email : hod.production@fxpoly.ac.in
Phone : 8012553446