Farewell Day Celebration

Jayapriya Vidyalaya Higher Secondary Students Celebrate Farewell Day with Grandeur!

The students of Jayapriya Vidyalaya bid farewell to their beloved school with a grand farewell celebration. On this special day, the students gathered together to celebrate their last day at Jayapriya Vidyalaya and to honor their teachers and mentors.

The event was kicked off with a special assembly to recognize the achievements of the outgoing students. The Director and school principal addressed the gathering and congratulated the students on their grand success. They wished them luck in whatever they chose to pursue in the future. They also thanked the teachers and staff for their hard work and dedication towards helping the students reach their goals.

The students also got the chance to express their love and appreciation for the school with a special farewell speech. The outgoing students expressed their heartfelt gratitude to the teachers and mentors who have taught them and helped them grow. They thanked their peers for being a source of support and encouragement.

The farewell day was a wonderful occasion for the students to come together and celebrate their time at Jayapriya Vidyalaya Senior Secondary School CBSE, Virudhachalam. The school is proud of its outgoing students and wishes them the best in their future endeavors.